Upsurge for Independence, Cedar Revolution, National Resurgence

Upsurge for Independence, Cedar Revolution, National Resurgence

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All the oil paintings you are seeing in our section “Print On Canvas” may be received in print form, each print is individually signed by the artist himself and numbered 1/40 – Limited Edition Prints.

This item ships from Beirut, Lebanon. 

27.3 x 20.7 inches

The technique of reproduction:

– The artwork is presented as Giclee Print (digital printmaking technology with fantastic results in beauty and quality) on real cotton canvas 400 mu. thick, neutral pH, low dot gain. Great for reproducing oil and acrylic paintings. The reproductions come from very large *.TIF images, about 50 Megas for each photo and about 6500 x 5000 pixels.

– Ink Stability and Treatment: All indications are that the new UV pigmented inks for the Hewlett-Packard DesignJet z6100ps will have a longevity rating of between 150 and 200 years – the tests are valid for over 100 years so far and still ongoing by Wilhelm. The surface of the print is treated with thermoplastic acrylic resin. (It is important to note that all colours fade. Depending of the composition of the paints, many original watercolours will fade faster).

– All prints are presented with 2 inches of white canvas border ready to be framed.
The prints do not come framed. The choosing of mats and frames is a matter of personal taste. Local framing shops can best provide you this type of service.

– The advanced plotter used is the DesignJet z6100ps printer’s series with the increased colour gamut of their UV pigmented inks.